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4 Maneras de Combinar dos o mas coneccions a internet

Como conectar mas de dos modems usb al mismo tiempo para aumentar velocidade de internet. aqui les dejo esta informacion recopilada de otro lugar. Esta en Ingles

You have more than one active internet connections and you are using only one at time, while the other is resting? Don't let it be lazy. Combine them all to get combined internet speed. Say you have two connections of 1 Mbps each, you just can make 1+1, 2. This can work regardless of the type of the connections, i.e. it may be wired, wireless of mobile communication.

Method 1 of 4: Combining LANs (wired,wireless or DSL)


  1. Turn everything on, i.e. your computer, modems (in case of DSL).


    2. Connect them on the relative ports.


    3. Dial, or do whatever you need to do to establish internet connection and test each one by one, separately. If all good proceed to the next step.


    4.While each one is active and connected navigate to the "Network Devices" folder of your computer. It usually stays under control panel.

    • Windows 8 or Windows 8.1: Press Windows+D to navigate to the desktop, and rest is same as windows 7 below.
    • For Windows 7 and Vista: Click the network icon on the task bar-> then click "Open Network and Sharing Center". Then click "Change Adapter settings".
    • For XP: Click Start > Control Panel.Then on the Control Panel window, double-click Network Connections.

    5. Review the window showing all of your network connections. The active connections will be two blue desktops without a red cross sign.

    6. Drag and select Active LAN (Wired, Wireless or DSL Modem) connections.

    7.Right click on one of the selected-> click "Bridge Connections" . Then wait and a network bridge with different icon will appear. You might have to provide administrative right.

    8. Enjoy double speed.

    Method 2 of 4: Combine All Other Types of Connection (i.e. bluetooth modem, mobile broadband, OTA modem, dial-up)

    1. Power up everything and connect to the required ports.


    2. Check each connections separately.


    3.Follow the process above to navigate to your network device (adapter) folder.


    4.Right click one network adaptor at a time (out of your active and working adapters (connections)). Change the Interface Id to the same number (say choose 10 for all). Repeat this for each connection. 


       5. Click "OK" or "Apply." If neither of these is available click "Close". Don't click "No" or "Cancel".


    6. Disconnect everything. Do a cold reboot (shut down the machine and then power it up again).


    7. Reconnect everything. Then enjoy maximized speed.


    la informacion esta en ingles. pero no es nada de otro mundo que no lo puedan entender.


    los otros dos metodos para usar mas de dos connecciones a internet son el connectify dispatch y el speedify. 


    de esos dos no voy hablar porque ya hay cientos de tutoriales en la red. gracias






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